Glow Dance amounts to success despite lack of black lights


Senior Leah Pace dances surrounded by onlookers at the Glow Dance on Friday, Feb. 24. The senior class provided students with one free glow stick in addition to having extra on sale.

Emily Clarke, Managing Editor

In an attempt to raise money for Prom, the senior class held a Glow Dance on Friday, Feb. 24.

According to Senior Class Moderator Sue Greig, 304 tickets were sold to students, and the dance raised approximately $2,900.

According to Greig, the dance was an overall success.   “[I was] pleasantly surprised. Knowing how past dances have gone, I think this was a success compared to some of them,” Greig said.

Junior Susie Snee mirrors Greig’s opinion. “I think the dance was a success because more people went compared to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and I saw people having a good time,” Snee said.

While many students believed the dance was supposed to have black lights, there were no black lights at the dance.

“Everyone thought there were going to be black lights and there weren’t, so I thought it was a little mis-advertised,” junior Sam Clarke said.

Greig says the lack of black lights was due to mix up with the DJ. “The Fritz’s were supposed to bring them, along with other lights. I don’t know what happened,” she said.

There are conflicting ideas concerning the lack of black lights. “Up until the day of the event, we planned to have a few black lights, as well as other lights, and of course the glow-sticks. On the day of the dance, the DJs brought a few black lights, but couldn’t get them to work. The decision was then made to scrap the black lights altogether,” senior class Vice President Nick Henninger said.

The money from the Glow Dance, in addition to the $3,500 raised from the exam dress down day fundraiser, will benefit the Prom. According to Greig, tickets for Prom will cost an estimated $80 after these two fundraisers.

Greig does not think the senior class will host any more major fundraisers. “I think we’re all fundraiser- ed out,” she said

However, Henninger hopes for another fundraiser. “We are definitely hoping to hold at least one more fundraiser to raise money for Prom.  We have many ideas in mind, including doing another similar style dance, but with a different theme. The Glow Dance’s success has given us confidence to embark on more successful fundraisers through the months of March and April,” Henninger said.

In addition to paying for Prom tickets, the senior class is footing the bill for transportation to the dance and after party. The Patriot Parent Association normally pays for the expense of transportation, but this year the senior class will be putting money towards their rides. Greig estimates the price to be around $4,600.

“The senior class came together to raise money for our Prom, and I couldn’t be more proud. If we continue this level of energy, we have the potential to hold a few more slam dunk fundraisers in the upcoming months,” Henninger said.

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Emily Clarke is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and