The Patriot In-Depth: Supermen vs. Wonder Women


The Patriot measures which gender packs a bigger punch on their never-ending pursuit of truth, justice, and peace. The amount of men and women in each department is about even, although women are outnumbered 4 to 1 in the administration.

Kailey Tracy, Copy Chief

In a world of academics and athletics, the world that is JC, no one gender seems to pack the dominating punch. Women swoop onto the scene towering above men in the number of athletic Letters of Intent and alumni volunteering on reunion planning committees. They also demonstrate their strength in the academic honors arena. Vocalizing their power in the classroom, seven out of the top ten GPAs per quarter in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes belong to women. However, the 2012-2013 school year’s enrollment plays to their benefit greatly, with 374 females and 319 males. Men strike back with big numbers in the Athletic Hall of Fame and top administrators. As only one female is inducted into the Hall each year on average, four top administrators out of five wear a red cape as opposed to red high heeled Wonder Woman boots, showing male dominance in these domains. Certain duels are still being duked out, such as athletic championships, which hold a “consistent pattern” depending on competition, according to Athletic Director Larry Dukes.  Regarding faculty who are alumni and top positions in this world, like academic department chairs, the sexes are on the same wavelength.

Take your bets on who will claim the final blow, and read ahead in the gallery to see how the sexes have evolved in dominance over the years at JC.

Kailey Tracy is the Copy Chief for The Patriot and

Additional reporting by Online Chief Brianna Glase.