The IPhone 6, the IPhone 5c, and the IPhone 4 are all lined up to compare the width and size of the different versions. The IPhone 6 is the gold, the Iphone 5c is the pink, and the IPhone 4 is the white. (Elizabeth Driver)
The IPhone 6, the IPhone 5c, and the IPhone 4 are all lined up to compare the width and size of the different versions. The IPhone 6 is the gold, the Iphone 5c is the pink, and the IPhone 4 is the white.

Elizabeth Driver

iPhone 6 (app)eases customers

October 2, 2014

Quick! Whip out your phone and take a really cool video! Religion teacher David Huber did exactly that, but not with just any phone. No, he purchased his beloved iPhone 6 so he was able to create a slow motion video.

“It was cool, my two oldest daughters were swinging and they were about to jump off,” Huber said. “I got them just as they were jumping and of course when they land it’s like ‘ccrrrr’ because even the sound is slowed down.” According to him, it’s only one of the phone’s many handy features.

Like Huber, music teacher Marc Bolden has a fondness for Apple products. As a music teacher, Bolden found that he likes the apps iMusic and Garageband, which are automatically downloaded on the phone. As a husband, he likes the synchronizing feature because he is able to check his wife’s calendar to see if she is busy and vice versa.

Contrary to Bolden’s thoughts of Apple today, he used to dislike Apple products. It was unfamiliar to him. However, in college he “was forced to use it for some of [his] classes and ended up really liking it. [He] found really great practical reasons to use it for [his personal] and professional life,” he said.

Bolden currently owns the iPhone 5, an upgrade from the iPhone 4 he was wary about due to the increase in size. However, “I got used to it,” Bolden said. He held Huber’s even larger phone to test it out, and he decided that its size isn’t terrible either.

Based on that experience, one may spot Bolden with an iPhone 6 in the future. The reasons it isn’t in his pocket currently are because he believes he isn’t in need of a new one, and he is waiting for problems to be found and fixed.

“I know typically, and this happens with any technology, when they first bring it out there are some glitches and whatnot so I don’t necessarily mind waiting for a little while,” Bolden said.

Junior Will Ikejiofor is a proud owner of the iPhone 6. He agrees with Huber that “it’s pretty awesome.” He upgraded from a cracked iPhone 4, so he’s “really glad [he] has this.”

Huber’s new phone, though, is his fourth iPhone so “some of the luster is gone.”

Is Apple better than other companies? Huber believes so. He owned a Galaxy S3 before he converted to Apple. Huber believes that Samsung and Android have “a lot of dazzling features but just seems to be very gimmicky. It’s nice, but is it really useful?”

Judging Apple from a different view, junior Philip Kinhart prefers other companies more.  As an owner of the Galaxy S4, he has no problems whatsoever and is completely content.

Why doesn’t Kinhart have an iPhone?  He holds the idea that “their business practices are very immoral.”

According to Kinhart, “[Apple factories] have suicides, and the metal’s [ashes] that makes the phones gives [the workers] lung cancer.”  For more information regarding the Apple factories, click this link.

If that’s not enough, Kinhart also dislikes the way they are built, deeming them undurable.  “I can’t go off the top of the Empire State building and drop [my Galaxy phone], but they are [more durable],” Kinhart said.

Senior Jamie Teramani used to agree with Kinhart that other phones had higher quality. In October 2012, she bought the Samsung Stellar rather than “the cheapest iPhone that was offered.”

However, Teramani had a change of heart.  She is planning on buying the new iPhone 6 because it is “better than the alternative[s].”

Huber agrees, saying that “its just the quality of the product” that makes it “good” and “simple.”

The number of people who own an iPhone in America has grown over the past years and continues on, according to The Statistics Portal, despite any complaints regarding the factories and the phone itself.


Want a life fix? Get the 6

On a typical day, one may find me logging onto my phone and then locking it, just to log back in again. All it takes is one glancing swipe of my thumbprint, and pop! I’m in. I believe it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Before the iPhone 6, I came from the Land of iPhone 4.  The difference between the two phones is astounding. I can’t help but sound like I’m advertising the iPhone 6, but I have to say my spiel: the phone is sleek, thin, and, my personal favorite, way faster.  Plus, the camera is awesome. I’m so glad that I was due for an upgrade when the iPhone 6 arrived.

Listed below are some aspects of the iPhone 6:


The quality of the camera is absolutely astounding.  It’s as if I just got glasses–everything is brighter and clearer. I’ve also managed to fiddle with the fast-paced video and slow motion video, which are cool beyond comprehension. Who needs a Go Pro when you have the iPhone 6?


The entire iPhone 6 is fast. I click an app, and it immediately pops up without freezing, unlike my previous iPhone 4. It was a shock when I first used the new phone.

The only time the iPhone 6 occasionally has a lapse is when I attempt to bring up the app called “Snapchat,” although it is my belief that that is caused by “Snapchat” itself. Overall, I have no complaints regarding this area.


No, no phone is 100 percent protected from all bangs and bumps. The iPhone 6 is no exception, though is still commendable in its durability. I even tested its strength by dropping it without a case on blacktop. Besides a couple expected scratches and marks, the phone turned out fine. We can just say that I’ve added character to my phone.

Even though I have confidence in its strength (and in myself that I won’t drop it anymore) I definitely plan on buying a case soon, since you never know what might happen.


Before I purchased the phone, I was completely unsure of the size. I was fully content with the weight, size, and shape of my iPhone 4 and thought that I wouldn’t like the bigger size of the iPhone 6. However, my wariness dissipated immediately after holding my new phone for the first time. Its light weight completely counteracted the size and evened everything out. If the phone were any heavier it would have made the size really obvious and make it seem really bulky.

My only qualm about the size is that it’s difficult to reach my thumb up to the top and click something.  However, Apple obviously thought ahead and included a “reachability” feature so the screen slides down to allow easier access when the home button is tapped twice.  They seem to have everything covered.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my iPhone 4. The key word, though, is “loved.” By the end of its service it was becoming as slow as syrup, and I was just holding myself back from screaming at it.  Of course, it wouldn’t have responded since it didn’t have Siri.  My mom ended my frustration by going with my sister and me to buy an iPhone 6 the day it came out.

Is it going too far in declaring that Siri is my new best friend? No worries, I’m only joking. Everyone knows that real best friends don’t divert you to the web when asked a question.  Nonetheless, Siri knows where I live, so she must at least be an acquaintance.

My advice for you: get the iPhone 6.  The thumbprint swipe login is too cool to pass up.

Elizabeth Driver is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and


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