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WWII Solider and liberator, Sol Goldstein, talks about his experiences to students on Holocaust Remembrance day.

Faces of the Holocaust

On March 1, guest speakers came to share their stories of the Holocaust. These speakers included liberators, soldiers, victims and second generations,

11 million died in the Holocaust, and 71 years later JC’s Holocaust education program continues to fight to keep their memories alive.

On March 1, Holocaust survivors and others with second-hand knowledge came and shared their experiences with the Holocaust with the seniors. The day kicked off with a movie showing seniors what a death camp was like. Next, juniors were invited to join the seniors in the auditorium to hear Halina Silber, number 16 on Schindler’s List, tell her story of survival.

Seniors were then divided into smaller groups. Each group heard two guest speakers recount their experiences. At the end of the day, seniors returned to the auditorium to listen to Goldstein tell his story for a second time.

Not all the guests were first-hand witnesses, however. A significant number of second-generation speakers told their parents’ stories, according to Geczy. The Baltimore Jewish Council encourages survivors’ children to share their parents’ stories, because soon there won’t be any survivors left to tell first-hand accounts.

To read more about the news story, see the article here.

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