Winner of Firefly tickets announced


Caroline Cooney

Junior Matt Hammons won the contest for for two Firefly tickets. Firefly is a music festival at the Woodlands in Dover, DE on June 16-19.

On May 11, the winner of the contest for two free Firefly tickets was announced. Junior Matt Hammons was the lucky recipient. “I didn’t think I would win, I don’t have good luck like that,” Hammons said.

The Patriot held a contest to win tickets to the Firefly Music Festival, which is held at the Woodlands of Dover in Delaware from June 16-19. Pictures of Lasaña, The Patriot’s class pet, were hidden throughout the website and print issue. Students who found all seven pictures of Lasaña were entered in a lottery to win the tickets, and Lasaña picked the winner. 

Although Hammons has never actually been to a music festival like Firefly, he has been to concerts and has experienced live music. “I’m pretty excited, the lineup looks really good,” Hammons said. 

Hammons is most excited for the music, as there are numerous bands performing at Firefly that he likes. Two Door Cinema Club, Blink-182, Pepper, and Mumford and Sons are just a few of them.

Hammons has yet to develop definite plans for the weekend of the concert. “I’m not sure who I’m going with yet, but I’ll probably just take a friend,” Hammons said. He isn’t sure if he will camp at the festival, which is what people often do for these events that last a few days, or if he will stay in a hotel.

Daniel Robinson is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and