Students react to new campus renovations

Extra time now being spent in the renovated Learning Commons and courtyard


Cameron Gibson, Media & Online Chief

On their first day back in school, every JC student noticed the renovations made to the school, the most notable for the students being the Learning Commons, the courtyard and the cafeteria. These renovations were made to improve the areas students are in the most, and the student reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

One student who was excited about the updates made to the school is senior Jack Montanarelli. Regarding his thoughts on the renovations, Jack said, “They’re nice. I like what they did to the courtyard. It has so much more space, and it’s a lot more relaxing to sit out there.”
The courtyard went through a lot of changes throughout the summer. The courtyard now has new flooring and new benches, and the fountain is gone. This made for a larger and better-looking space for students to spend time in.
Another addition to the courtyard is the Corn hole game which students have enjoyed playing during lunch and free mods.
Another student who likes the renovations is junior Sean Comello. “I like the renovations a lot; they make the school look a lot better.”
“The (renovations to the)Learning Commons are my favorite because that’s where I spend a lot of my time in my off mods, and it looks great.”
The Learning Commons underwent many changes throughout the summer as well. It now has new flooring and new furniture, and the bookshelves have been removed.
This has made the Learning Commons feel a lot more spacious, and students have been reacting positively to the changes.
JC put a lot of work and effort into the changes made to the school this summer.
It seems to have been a worthwhile investment as students have been enjoying their time in the updated areas.