Senior fall athletes are being recognized in a different way this year 


Sydney Miller, Sports Editor

Senior athletes this year have had to face a lot of adversity — from the fall seasons being delayed from the start, having to wear masks while playing, and having their seasons cut short.

Athletes this year did not know if they would even have a fall season; there was a chance of one, but there was never a guarantee. Athletes at first could only workout with their teams with no “real practices.” 

The MIAA and IAAM announced there was an open schedule for teams, meaning that the schools inside the conference had to make their own team schedules. Each team was able to get in a few games before an outbreak caused the school to go to full virtual learning and had to suspend all in-person activities.

To help honor these athletes the athletic department at JC gave the 77 senior athletes the recognition they deserve as the Patriot bus visited the athletes’ houses and gifted them each with a sign with his/her name, picture and sport on it.

Director of Athletics Seth Goldberg said, “Since our fall season was cut short, our teams missed an opportunity to have a Senior Night. Our athletic administration team along with the marketing team, pulled all the seniors’ names and pictures to honor them and thank them for their commitment to their JC fall athletic teams.”

Mr. Goldberg said, “We had their pictures put onto a huge road sign out front of the school.” This could be seen when you turn off of Churchville Road to the road that leads to the school.

Regarding how the athletic department honored her and fellow fall athletes, Senior Varsity Cheerleader Shelby Clayton said, “This makes me feel like I’m noticed.” 

She added that she felt “appreciated because they have several hundred other students and athletes, and they still take the time of a day to ask what’s wrong, and you can tell it’s not a burden for them. . . It makes you feel like you’re worth something to them.”

Senior Varsity Cheerleader Zoë Ragland said, “[The recognition] made me feel really good! With the crazy year that everyone has had, especially the class of 2021, we missed out on having a Senior Night which we all really looked forward to.  It was nice to have a small recognition that we could enjoy with our parents.”

For winter and spring athletes Mr. Goldberg commented, “As we move forward into other seasons, we will work to honor our seniors as best as we can to make sure they feel as special as we know they are.”

He said, “At this point, we are focused on trying to get our winter athletes back on the courts, mats and in the pools. What we learned from the fall is nothing is guaranteed, and it is important for us to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. With that said, all teams are preparing for a Senior Night, and we hope to have one.”

Mr. Goldberg added, “To our fall senior athletes, Thank You! As I reflect on the fall, although sad we did not get as far as we wanted, I am so thankful. To see our students, parents, coaches, and administration come together for the good of our community was special.”

Also, he said, “Our seniors were the catalyst for that movement. Everyone involved wanted one more opportunity for those seniors. Our seniors stood tall this fall, and I am thankful for their leadership and hard work that they put in each day in a very tough and unusual environment.”