First school-wide dance held since the pandemic began is successful despite various challenges

A Writer’s Reflection on the Homecoming Dance


Madison Elliott, News Editor

This year, JC was able to hold the Homecoming Dance after missing this special occasion last year due to the pandemic. The dance was held on Saturday, October 23 from 7-10 pm in the faculty parking lot at JC.

The decision to hold the dance outdoors this year was directly related to the continuation of COVID-19.
Only a few hours before the dance was scheduled to begin, storms passed through the area, raising concern among students for the need to move the dance to the rain date. I personally was very worried, but I was hopeful the rain would stop, so the dance could go on as planned.
SGA moderators Dr. Davidson and Mrs. Hall did some last-minute scrambling and brought in some faculty volunteers to assist in drying tables and chairs, replacing table cloths, and fixing decorations that had fallen or blown.
Luckily the rain did pass; the sun came out, and the dance was on.
I could not wait to attend the dance. Many other students felt this way as well since there was not one last year. With the precautions and extra steps to make this dance happen, many people were appreciative to have this event go on.
First arriving, it was exciting to see the colorful lights shining, the parking lot filling up, students walking in the formal attire, and glowing smiles on so many faces.
“Haunted Homecoming” was the theme this year as the dance itself was occurring the weekend before Halloween, which seemed fitting.
There were plenty of cute decorations such as spiders on the tables, cobwebs, cauldrons of candy, and black candlesticks lighting up the tables.
Another huge hit among guests were the heaters placed around the lot, providing warmth on that chilly night. The photo booth where friends were able to capture this night in images was a hit as well.
I was thrilled to see so many people together being able to enjoy time with their friends, the music, and overall normalcy that this dance provided.
Personally, I can easily say this was such a memorable night. I had so much fun with my friends and being surrounded by the JC community.
At 9 pm, the Queen and King from the Homecoming Court were announced. This, too, was heartwarming to be a part of and to watch.
Overall, I along with many others are grateful to have had Homecoming this year. This dance was greatly-needed to bring people together to have fun and to have time away from the usual school routine. Spirit Week was just as vital leading up to the dance and letting students show off their school spirit while also being able to express a bit of their own sense of style.