Statue becomes prominent feature in courtyard

DiBiagio family donates statue of the Blessed Mother to John Carroll


Aeowynn Ayres and Madison Elliott

A new addition to the courtyard in JC is the statue of the Blessed Mother.

This statue, “Our Lady of Grace,” is an exceptional piece of art that brings life to The John Carroll School courtyard.
This statue was donated by JC President Steve DiBiagio’s family as his family is devoted to the Blessed Mother.
He explained that the Blessed Mother has impacted his family throughout his life, and he hopes this statue can make an impact on the JC community’s lives as well.
“The Lady of Grace intercedes on our behalf for God’s blessings,” said Mr. DiBiagio.
Religion Teacher Ken Goedeke added, “Mary, as the mother of Jesus, is our greatest intercessor. She makes our needs known to Jesus… Mary, our mother, wants only the best for us. She continually prays to God that He would bless us and bestow His divine graces upon us. The statue is called ‘Our Lady of Grace’ because she promised special help for those who call upon her.”
Mr. DiBiagio, along with his family, sought to “share our [family’s] devotion with the school.”
“Anyone can turn to the Blessed Mother for support,” Mr. DiBiagio said.
His family would look to the Blessed Virgin Mary through moments of need, sadness, and overall difficult times.
As for the location of the statue, the Streett Family Courtyard was deliberately chosen.
Mr. DiBiagio describes the courtyard as the “heartbeat of the school” where students go to relax and take a break.
The courtyard is special and unique to John Carroll as only one other school in the state of Maryland has one. As such a prominent place, the statue should be “central and visibly prominent.” Turning the corner and seeing this statue in the courtyard with flowers surrounding it makes for a warm and welcoming experience for any visitor. The view is beautiful and such a warm presence at John Carroll.