Juniors receive rings at annual ceremony & Mass


Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

The members of the Class of 2023 are officially wearing the John Carroll ring.

Juniors began their day on Thursday, March 10 with a practice for the ceremony and with a class breakfast that included donuts, juice, bagels, and other breakfast foods. Juniors were able to wear their blue class shirts throughout the day.
The Mass and ceremony followed that night at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church. Upon arrival at the church, the junior students gathered with Junior Class Moderators Erik Fabriziani and Kelly Smith in the chapel, and the students lined up in the correct order and processed to the main church in two lines.
Juniors in the Music Ministry sang as their classmates took their seats, and after everyone was seated, the Mass began.
Junior Ava Freeland commented, “I thought that the singers did a great job, and they chose good songs.” After the celebration of Mass, the rings were blessed and were presented to the students by Assistant Principal Danica Attanasio and Principal Carl Patton.
Junior Olivia Chesla said, “ I liked the Mass. I liked how during the homily, the priest showed that he had a [John Carroll] ring, too.”
Juniors described the experience of receiving their rings as “special and meaningful.” The ring is unique, and Olivia said, “ I think the ring is super pretty, and I felt so happy to finally be able to wear it.”
After the juniors had officially opened the boxes and placed the rings on their fingers, JC alumnus Mr. Michael Gaudreau, also a former faculty member, addressed the junior class.
He spoke to the juniors about the history of the John Carroll ring and what it means to graduates.
Mr. Gaudreau explained the story surrounding the creation of the ring and why it is so different from other school rings. He also shared stories about Patriots having their rings recognized in various places.
Ava said, “I liked the story of the ring; it provided a lot of insight to the history and traditions of John Carroll.”
To conclude the ceremony, members of the Class of 2023 processed out of the church.
Some students then went back into the church to take pictures while others went to the reception to celebrate.