Cage the Elephant delivers great new album

Cage the Elephant delivers great new album

Gabby Joseph, Copy Editor

Cage the Elephant put out their new album, “Thank You, Happy Birthday” on Jan. 11.

I had always heard of Cage the Elephant and have heard some songs but I never actually listened to a whole album of theirs. I was impressed with their unique alternative sound and waythey presented their songs, background music, and lyrics.

The first song off of the album, “Always Something” is a great song with lyrics that are relatable, because there are always new opportunities waiting for everyone right around the corner. “It’s always somethin’/Before the late night/Around the corner/There’s always somethin’ waitin’ for ya.”

“Indy Kidz” starts with a futuristic beat and then gradually changes into a rock song. In the middle, it slows down to a point where you think the song is over but then it continues. It reminds me of “Oh, Gravity” by Switchfoot. “Indy Kidz” is not a top 40 song, but it’s a good listen.

The best song on the album is “Shake Me Down.” It combines a good beat and great lyrics. “Shake me down/Not a lot of people left around/Who knows now/Softly laying on the ground, oooh.” It was love at first listen. I would say that if you only want to listen to one song on the album, definitely go for this one.

“2024” has a pop music sound and I like it. Unfortunately, it reminds me of the Jonas Brothers song, Year 3000, which really irks me.

The song “Sell Yourself” brings down the album. It’s just way too much screaming without any break from it. I would say it’s the equivalent of my little sister shrieking at the top of her lungs.

Luckily, “Rubber Ball” brings back the album’s greatness. It’s a much slower song, almost like a lullaby.

Then the album moves back to pop. “Right Before My Eyes” can be described as a song that you would listen to while cleaning your room. It has a pop music sound that makes me want to dance.

Though “Japanese Buffalo” has a weird song title, the song itself is not weird at all. It’s actually pretty decent.

The song “Flow” has a strange beat and just random lyrics, but Cage the Elephant manages to pull the song off well.

Cage the Elephant put out an amazing album, and I recommend buying it.