Barretto designs fashion sketches

Barretto designs fashion sketches

Eva Bialobrzeski, A&E Editor

In an instant it dawned on senior Lauren Barretto that Senior Project may actually be something worth taking advantage of.

As a fashion lover, Barretto decided to take her passion for fashion to the next level.

Attending Kent State next year, Barretto plans on studying fashion. This made it easy for Barretto to decide to focus her Senior Project on fashion.”I’ve always loved fashion. Clothes and art are my life,” Barretto said.

To mix her love for clothing and her passion for art, Barretto is creating a lookbook of her fashion designs.

  A lookbook, in general, is a collection of artwork or photography showcasing an artist’s work.

“My lookbook is going to focus on my designs. I hope that my project will teach me about my future career,” Barretto said.

The designs making up Barretto’s lookbook will be a mixture of her own designs and clothing that she had bought and remade. “In my designs there are a lot of cut up tee shirts, high waisted destroyed denim, and shirts,” Barretto said.

Barretto hopes that working on her project will give her a taste of the life of studying fashion during college and as a post graduate. “I want to become a buyer for a major department store, so I can hopefully travel,” Barretto said.

Eva Bialobrzeski is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and