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Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) is one of the finest showcases of the diversity and influence of art around the world. The museum brings a large collection of  various eras and styles together, including American, African, European, and modern art, all under one roof in its vast collection.

Visitors can take a visual journey, seeing the finest classical works along with interesting modern pieces. Thousands of people visit each year as the museum is home to famous pieces by Warhol, Degas, Picasso, and Matisse. Some of the most notable include Matisse’s “Blue Nude,” Degas’s “Little Dancer,” and Warhol’s “Last Supper” that are on permanent display.

The museum does a fantastic job of showcasing the broad definition of art and celebrating its immense influence and history. The contemporary art wing of the museum is the most fascinating because it showcases unconventional and extremely captivating pieces. Visitors can interact with a large beaded sculpture by walking through and touching it, as it separates two of the rooms in the wing. They can also stand under a glass sculpture that, when viewed from underneath, resembles a kaleidoscopic image. A small theater called “The Black Box,” is also a specific point of interest as it screens modern artistic films.

Another notable exhibit is a formal carpeted room that features British sporting art. Visitors can witness scenes of horse racing and polo on the walls while also seeing trophies in cases in between the paintings. The room is riveting because it transports visitors to a romanticized and wealthy setting that cannot be experienced outside of the pages of a book.

The BMA is a fantastic choice for casual and traditional art fans, as it offers something for all audiences. Its large size and the diversity of its collection brings an appreciation of art to all people.

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