This year’s Spirit Week creates new excitement

The Patriot films Spirit Week day by day. Spirit Week was from Oct. 20 to 24.


All of us, the Class of 2015, counted down and proudly yelled the name of our class as we ran from the student parking lot to the entrance of the school on Class Color Day, all decked out in nothing but our class color: green.

We all cheered, carried green flags, and blew into green noise makers as a green truck drove behind us, and there was even a green unicycle being ridden. Being a part of something like the Senior Tailgate and running into the school together really was an amazing and unexplainable experience, which helped create such a great atmosphere for this year’s Spirit Week in general.

Thinking back on this year’s Spirit Week, I don’t think it could have been any better.

Excitement and school spirit were obviously present throughout the week as students came into school decked out in colorful outfits and costume pieces. Each day was a new chance to see the hilarious and crazy fashion choices that our classmates put together.

Because of the constant enthusiasm and new surprises that led up to Homecoming, such as the different outfits students and teachers showed up in, this Spirit Week was the best that I have experienced in the last four years.

Before this year, I personally, along with other people I spoke to, think that the Spirit Weeks within the past four years should have been dubbed “Spirit Day,”  because the only exciting and spirited part of the week was Class Color Day. The rest of the week was boring, and the only days that remained were Couch Potato Day, Maryland Day, and Black and Gold Day.The only day I was excited for was Class Color Day, and my enthusiasm was low up until that day.

However, this year turned everything around for me. The minute I read what the themes of the days were for this year, I immediately was ready and eager to participate. Because of previous years of disappointment, this time, I was so excited. I knew that it was going to be a fun and amazing way to bring my Spirit Weeks to a close as a Senior.

The Pep Rally was also different from my past years, and it was one of the most fun for me. Chants of “FRESHMAN,” “SOPHOMORE,” “JUNIOR,” and “SENIOR” echoed throughout the gym, as each class tried to overpower the others during the Pep Rally.From tug-of-war to a schoolwide singing of “Let It Go,” the Pep Rally brought this year’s Spirit Week to a fantastic close.

This one week creates an exciting atmosphere that pumps students up during a tough part of the year. From the Spirit Weeks that I have experienced, this Spirit Week has been the most fun and memorable. Unlike the previous Spirit Weeks, this year’s actually created excitement throughout the whole week, leading up to the big event: Homecoming. It was clear that this Spirit Week expanded the sense of community in the halls and as a Senior, it was a fun way to bring a close to my Senior year.

Nicole Arrison is a Video Editor for The Patriot and