“Level Infinity” rises to the highest level


Erica Kelble

Sophomores Lilly Stannard, Kathleen O’Neill, and Nicolette Ficca, and freshman Olivia Lang, all part of Level Infinity, perform at the quarter three academic awards ceremony. They played two of their songs during the ceremony.

“We all have a passion for music and we wanted to share our talent with others,” sophomore Kathleen O’Neill said.

O’Neill is part of a singing group, called “Level Infinity,” with her three best friends: freshman Olivia Lang and sophomores Lilly Stannard and Nicolette Ficca.

“We always sing together anyway, so we decided to make an official group,” Lang said. “One day a few months ago, we were all hanging out. We started harmonizing and singing together and we came up with the idea [for the group].”

The four students have performed at a variety of venues, including Jarrettsville Creamery, St. Margaret’s School, and even the JC Fashion Show. The group often performs “different genres of music, especially country,” according to O’Neill. “We mainly sing covers of songs, and sometimes we sing songs a capella.”

The girls want to use their talents as a form of service to the community, instead of getting paid for their performances. “We’re scheduled to perform many times for Harford Family House in the future,” O’Neill said.

The girls are always together, so performing and singing in this group constantly brings them closer. “This group is really successful for us personally because we all have such a good connection,” Lang said. “Instead of being best friends, we’re like family.”

The first time we performed together, we thought we were going to be nervous. Once we got up there, it was so fun and I completely forgot about the nerves.

— Olivia Lang

Performing together makes them more confident and comfortable because they have each other for support. “The first time we performed together, we thought we were going to be nervous. Once we got up there, it was so fun and I completely forgot about the nerves,” Lang said.

“I loved performing at Jarrettsville Creamery, because everyone was paying attention to us,” Ficca said.

Because of their past performances, the girls have received other gigs for the future. “After our first performance, people came up to us and asked us to sing at future events,” Stannard said.

After thinking for a while, the girls came up with their group name, and they believe it is a good representation of their friendship. “It sounds cliché, but ‘level’ is harmony and ‘infinity’ is forever,” O’Neill said. “We want this group and our friendship to last for a long time.”

“My favorite thing about this group is performing with my best friends,” Ficca said. “I love it so much.”

Nicole Arrison is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.