Sophomore achieves musical excellence


Lauren Glase

Sophomore Emma Gromacki plays the bass drum at the Homecoming football game on Oct. 24. Gromacki has participated in drum line during both of her years at JC.

Music bursts through the air as sophomore Emma Gromacki performs the timpani for her fellow students.

“This is [Gromacki’s] second year as principle player for concert band,” band teacher Marc Bolden said. “This means that her blind audition was the strongest out of all of the percussionist[s].”

As first chair, Gromacki keeps track of the music and oversees percussion when bands breaks into sections to practice.

Gromacki was not expecting to be placed for first chair as a freshman. “I was very surprised,” she said. “I didn’t think I did too well in the audition, but apparently I did.”

“I think it’s cool that a freshman got first chair,” junior and bass drum player Michael Sanphillipo said. “It shows that she has skills with both bells and percussion.”

“I really like the other guys in percussion,” Gromacki said. “It’s really like having a bunch of brothers because I’m the only girl drummer.”

The other girls in percussion specialize in bells, rather than drums.

Gromacki can also play the snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, and xylophone.

“I started band because my older sister, [Alex Gromacki, class of ‘14,] did it. I would always go to the football games and I was like ‘oh, this looks so much fun.’ I saw the friends she had and I wanted to be part of that family, and [band] basically is a family,” Gromacki said.

Additionally, Gromacki simply enjoys playing music. “I never played in an ensemble in middle school, so this was my first opportunity and I just took it,” Gromacki said.

Aside from the music world, Gromacki has exposed herself to the life of leadership, service, and sports. She is the sophomore class president, the treasurer for the Tri-M Music Honors Society, a student ambassador for the Patriot Hospitality Group, and a SAC and STEM representative. She also plays varsity field hockey and is a Girl Scout.

Though Gromacki hopes to go to college for field hockey, Gromacki “will definitely play [music] outside [of JC], for fun.”

According to Bolden, being the principle player “is not really a position that takes up a lot of extra time outside of class, so in terms of time management, it’s not really that much of a factor.”

“Sometimes it’s very overwhelming, but I think it’s good for the most part,” Gromacki said.

Bolden is satisfied with her as a leader. “Based off of her leadership, personality, and organization, she has done a great job and has shown that she is fit for the job.”

Elizabeth Driver is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and