The battle of the food continues this time featuring Wawa and Royal Farms. (Erin McCloskey)
The battle of the food continues this time featuring Wawa and Royal Farms.

Erin McCloskey

Food Fight: Wawa vs. Royal Farms

March 21, 2016

Reporters review the food, cleanliness, and prices of each gas station. Which convenience store offers the best overall experience for students?

Royal Farms

Coffee 3:

The coffee selection at Royal Farms is decent. They have a typical selection of coffee, but not a large variety. It has your basic coffee needs, but does not go much further than that.

Price 4:

The prices are reasonable, and they sell their chicken and hot food at a lower price. All of the snacks are priced at normal prices that you can find at any similar places. As for the actual food you can order and customize, the prices are similar to Wawa.

Variety 3.5:

Royal Farms has a touch screen where you can order items like subs and other side dishes. However, the real shining star is their “world famous chicken” and western fries. Besides that, though, they really don’t have much else to offer.

Cleanliness 3:

The Royal Farms we have been to, they do not seem to be as clean and updated as most Wawas. The inside of the buildings are outdated, and in general, the whole building seems to not be the cleanist it could be.

Quality 3.5:

The quality of the food at Royal Farms is pretty average, and we weren’t impressed with the freshness of the food overall. However, the chicken and western fries were the highest quality out of everything there was to offer.


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Coffee 5:

Wawa has a great coffee variety. Between being able to just make your own coffee, or ordering something like a frappuccino, any type of coffee you want, you can find. They have a great self-serve coffee station that contains a wide variety of coffees creamers.

Price 3.5:

The prices are reasonable for the most part. For the more healthy options, and there are lots of them, the prices are higher. But for things like chips, candy, or any other junk food, the prices are typical and inexpensive.

Variety 5:

Wawa is definitely the gas station with the most variety in their food. They have touch screens where you can custom order items like hoagies, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and more. They also have a kiosk displaying things like salads, wraps, and fresh fruits.

Cleanliness 4:

We have never had a problem with any Wawa being unsanitary. Now it is still a gas station, and it is never going to be the cleanest place you will go. For the most part, we have never seen anything unclean, and I never feel like the place is gross. Appearance-wise they are decent-looking, and the stores do not feel outdated.

Quality 4.5:

When going to a gas station, you usually don’t expect the food to be high quality, but we were impressed with how fresh the food is. All the hoagies are made with high quality ingredients, and the salads, wraps, and fruit were grocery store quality.



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