Prost brings a unique taste of Germany to Aberdeen

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

One of the only German restaurants in Maryland, the Prost, is a unique place that will fulfill all your wishes this Christmas. The restaurant not only has an exciting and fun atmosphere, but it also serves great food that can be enjoyed by many.

When entering the restaurant, it has a very homey feel to it. The sounds of families and good friends enjoying themselves can be heard from the entrance. These sounds are accompanied by the playing of live music on an accordion.
At the entrance, the hostesses greet everyone and are dressed in authentic dirndl. Before anyone is seated, the hostess will first introduce the specials of the day. After the specials are announced, the hostess will guide everyone to their seats.
The Prost has something for everyone. The wide variety of food on the menu makes it almost impossible to choose just one dish.
Prost’s appetizers almost steal the show from the entrees. One of their most popular appetizers, the Brezen Baum, is a “tree” of soft pretzels served with various dipping sauces. The pretzels are a chewy and delicious way to start off the meal.
Some other appetizers include: Käsestangen (Mozzarella Sticks), Frittierter Brie (Fried Brie), and Jäger Pommes (Fries with Mushroom Gravy).
The entrees at Prost are perfect paired with a cold winter’s day. The Rahmschwammerl (Mushroom Ragout) is described on the menu as “sure to warm you up on a cold day.”
The Grill Hend’l (Roasted Chicken) is another meal that will fill you up this Christmas season.
Prost has a whole section of their menu dedicated to a very traditional German food item: sausages. It does not disappoint. A dish called Currywurst consists of a sausage with fries with curry ketchup smothered on top. If you are looking for something a little milder, try the Ein Paar Wiener Würst’l, which is two German sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad.
The staff is very friendly and provides great service. The bussers bring the food out very quickly, so no one is left feeling hungry for long. The waitresses are always checking on their guests, making sure everyone is comfortable and has what they need.
The food at Prost is best enjoyed with a larger crowd. Because there are so many options on the menu, it is the most fun to order a wide variety of dishes and have everyone try a little bit of each one. Be prepared to ask for a few take-home boxes.
Prost German Restaurant is located at 102 N. Rogers St. Aberdeen, MD 21001. It is open Tuesday-Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm. Stop by to enjoy a taste of Germany.