Deep diving into Madison Shaffery’s Senior Project


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Madison Shaffery has decided to take a deep dive into a special and family-oriented Senior Project: scuba diving.

Her mom is joining her on this adventure; the two plan on getting scuba certified together.
It has been a demanding process. “We had to do online courses, pre-diving training, small dives, and finally the big dives,” she said.
Madi describes snorkeling as a “dream come true.” One of the main reasons she chose scuba diving for her project was because she has “always had a fascination with water and marine life.”
Although she started her project over the summer, there is still work to do. Her biggest tests are her final dives in order to become scuba-certified.
Some people have a tendency to shy away from new learning experiences, but Madi is excited to tackle the challenges of scuba diving and is eager to grow as a person. “I am looking forward to learning how to do everything myself because my success in this is completely determined by myself. I am excited to learn patience in progress because, in order to get really good at all the different skills needed for scuba, it takes lots and lots of practice.”
Even though the project is not yet complete, Madi has learned a great deal of information about snorkeling and about herself.
“I have learned that I learn by example, so I am a visual learner. When underwater, you cannot hear what your guide is telling you; they simply show you which is what I had to learn to understand. I also learned to have patience with myself. I cannot get mad at myself every time I get certain maneuvers wrong; I just have to try again,” Madi said.
One of Madi’s goals after she completes her project is to use her scuba diving skills throughout her life. She said, “I am looking forward to actually finishing my certification and being able to use this skill when traveling around the world.”
To Madi, scuba diving is more than just a Senior Project; it is a way to connect with her family. “I feel as though this project brought me closer to my mom since we are doing it together. It has also opened my eyes to new experiences and taught me to step out of my comfort zone.”
Not only is Madi excited for the underwater adventures she and her mom will go on, but her father is as well. “My dad is especially excited for me to get my full certification so we can go diving together, as a whole family.”