Rivalry continues between Bolden and Stall

Rivalry continues between Bolden and Stall

German teacher Ashleigh Stall and her advisory painted music teacher Marc Bolden’s car. This prank is one of several between the two teachers whose rival colleges are University of Dayton and Xavier University.

Megan Battaglia, Ashley Beyer, Media Editor, Lifestyles Editor

The war was simmering down until music department teacher Marc Bolden found his car covered in window paint on March 8.  In reality, the war was just beginning.

German teacher Ashleigh Stall didn’t stop at simply painting Bolden’s car.  She decorated it with Xavier memorabilia as well. Afterwards, Executive Assistant to the Principal Dawn Teel said “Go Musketeers” on the afternoon announcements Friday, March 9. Xavier’s mascot is a Musketeer.

The advisory war between Bolden and Stall started when the teachers realized their colleges are arch enemies.  Bolden went to University of Dayton and Stall went to Xavier University.

Bolden was in good spirits about the car prank.  “The prank was awesome. I laughed when I saw it,” he said.

Following this prank, Bolden decorated Stall’s classroom with red and blue streamers, tablecloths, and post-it notes with the help of some music students. A sign was also placed in front of her parking spot saying “Dayton fan only parking.”

Stall was amused with the pranks. “My initial reaction to the second round of pranks was definitely a good laugh. His pranks are creative and he goes all out. My second reaction was surprised, and I was definitely impressed. I don’t know where he gets the time, the resources, and the student helpers to pull such extensive stunts,” Stall said.

Bolden and his advisory don’t plan to stop there.  Although Xavier won the game against Dayton this year, the war will still continue. “The war won’t end until one of us leaves the school.  It’s still on like Donkey Kong,” Bolden said.

Bolden’s advisory is also excited to continue the war. “We won the rock paper scissors tournament and we aren’t stopping there,” senior Sara Turks said.

So far, the advisories have only competed in a rock, paper, scissors tournament.  They plan to compete in a bake off in the future. “Bolden won the rock, paper, scissors battle, so I’m hoping we win the bake off,” Stall said.

Even though the advisories are still competing against each other, the true war between Xavier and Dayton has slowed for the year. “It’s died down for this year, but I’m sure it’ll rev up again next year. I have bragging rights since Xavier won this year,” Stall said.

“[Bolden] is very dedicated to his cause and support of the Dayton Flyers. Too bad it doesn’t transfer to them on the basketball court,” Stall said.

Megan Battaglia is a Media Editor and Ashley Beyer is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.