Robinson finds new appreciation for game of soccer


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Junior Elise Robinson has been playing soccer since she was just five years old. Her love for the game started twelve years ago.

She said, “I saw my oldest brother playing, and it looked like a lot of fun. My mom said I was always running around, and soccer was a good match for that, so she signed me up. I was hooked.”
Elise’s JC soccer journey began when she was a freshman. She said, “Coming into freshman year tryouts, my biggest goal was to do my best and make the varsity team.” With lots of hard work and grit, Elise accomplished her goal and was one of four freshman who made varsity that year.
Now that Elise is a junior, she is looking forward to her third year on the team. She has developed a new sense of confidence in herself and is excited about where the season is headed.
She said, “I’m feeling confident about this season because our team is really strong and gets along well on and off the field. We’re all fired up for this season after being unable to play last year due to COVID-19.”
Elise’s success on the soccer field has been hard-fought. Last year, Elise was dealing with an injury that left her unable to play soccer for months. However, this injury sparked a new appreciation for the game. Elise said, “Every practice and every game I’m able to play means a whole lot more to me now. I’m happy to be back on the field with my teammates.”
With this new mindset, Elise has set new goals for herself this season.
She said, “I want to exemplify what a great teammate looks like, stay healthy, play my position well, keep a positive mindset, and significantly contribute to the success of our team.”
Her hard work will not stop in high school or club soccer. Elise has plans to play soccer in college. “I train hard both with the John Carroll soccer team as well as my club team, Pipeline. I train as much as I can on my own to stay fit and healthy. I just keep trying to improve more and more every day. I have also visited many colleges and participated in several ID camps to see which school is the best fit for me academically and athletically.”
However, this drive for success does not come from just anywhere. A specific past coach has had a major impact on Elise.
“Coach Eric, who was my club coach for a long time, has been my biggest role model. He has always believed in me and encouraged me. He gave me a solid soccer foundation and made it fun all along the way, helping me fall in love with the sport,” she said.
Elise’s dedication to the game does not go unnoticed. The long hours of training finally pay off when she steps on the field.
Junior Olivia Chesla said, “Playing with Elise is so fun and exciting. She is so passionate about soccer and she really gives it her all. Her skill on the field is amazing to watch.”
After everything Elise has learned from her injuries and setbacks, she has one piece of advice for younger soccer players.
“Soccer should be fun so make sure you enjoy it. I also think it’s really important to be a great teammate, caring as much about the people around you and encouraging them every day. Work hard and appreciate the opportunity to play. Don’t take it for granted,” she said.