Senior reinstates scavenger hunt tradition


Senior Taylor Gerber designed a scavenger hunt based off of the novel “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. The scavenger hunt will take place until the end of the school year.

Sydney Setree, Print Chief

In previous years, one of JC’s many traditions was the scavenger hunt. Due to “inappropriate behavior,” according to Principal Madelyn Ball, the scavenger hunt deteriorated and eventually was discontinued. However, just like the variety show, the scavenger hunt has been revived by senior Taylor Gerber.

“I thought since the second semester is usually long, I just wanted to create a little excitement,” Gerber said.

The scavenger hunt is based off the summer reading book “Ready Player One.”

“I have recreated the book’s adventure and game within the school for all to enjoy,” Gerber said.

It consists of solving riddles that then lead students to find gates and keys with six obstacles altogether. School secretary Susan Strawbridge sent out a school wide email that has a PowerPoint attached with the first riddle along with additional information.

“I took a percentage of how many people read the book and figured how many liked the book, but you always have to think of what people who didn’t read the book and who honestly just don’t even care so I put my odds to success to a good 30 percent,” Gerber said.

About 20 students have solved the first riddle. “The freshmen so far have done the best,” Gerber said. However, Gerber believes that anyone can win.

Senior Taylor Hoch has found the first key, but has not shown it to the librarian.

“I don’t buy lunches at the cafeteria so I thought someone else would benefit more from the free lunches, but I enjoyed finding the first clue,” she said. “It is an unconventional way of bringing each class together.”

To solve the riddles, students may team up with each other. However, only one winner will prevail. Whoever wins will receive a $100 cash prize, a free week’s worth of lunch, and a dress down day for the whole class. If no one solves the scavenger hunt by the end of the year, the prize will be forgotten. The money for the prizes was donated by the faculty.

Additionally, anyone who “ruins or disturbs the properties of the game will be disqualified,” according to Gerber.

To get the scavenger hunt approved, Gerber first cleared the idea with senior project coordinator Louise Geczy. Then he presented his idea to Ball.

“He was very enthusiastic [about the scavenger hunt],” Ball said. “I appreciated his efforts.” Now Gerber and Ball meet every week to discuss the progress of the scavenger hunt.

According to Ball, if the scavenger hunt is successful, it could turn into a yearly tradition once again.

Sydney Setree is the Print Chief for The Patriot and