Class officers elected for next year, Going to senior awards pays off, Attanasio named Teacher of the Year


Class officers elected for next year

The class officers for the 2014-2015 school year were announced on May 23.

The rising sophomore class president is Emma Gromacki, and the vice president is Emily Stancliff. The rising junior class president is Joe Kyburz and vice president is Parker Day.

Current junior class president Samantha Wieczynski and vice president Amanda Brannan will represent the class of 2015 in those positions again next year, with the help of future member-at-large Drew Cook.

“I’m very happy that I got the opportunity to be [senior class] president,” Wieczynski said.

Next year, Wieczynski wants more volunteers and class participation. According to Wieczynski, “Just because you’re not president doesn’t mean you can’t help.”

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Going to senior awards pays off

The senior awards assembly was held before first mod on May 28.  Seniors were awarded for athletics, academics, arts, and scholarships.

Those awarded in the senior class for being in the top five percent of 2014 are, respectively, Margaret McGuirk, Andrew Beard, Lindsay Kraus, Adam Beard, Abbie Swanson, Joshua Mannion, Madison Meyer, and Jessica Clingerman.

“I was honored to win awards at the senior awards,” senior Katherine Flanigan said.  “This is the time that everyone gets recognized for all their hard work.  This is a great way to end our year.”

The Black and Gold Award candidates were Kirsten Kyburz, Jessica Clingerman, Lindsay Kraus, Cole Alban, Travis Nelson, and Daniel Hentschel.  The winners were Kirsten Kyburz and Travis Nelson.

The Teacher of the Year award went to English and journalism teacher Nicholas Attanasio.

Listed below are the winners of the scholarships and awards that were given to specific students.


State Senatorial Award from Barry Glassman: Sarah Carson, Brianna Mallory, Amanda Spaeth, and Kelly Stifler

State Senatorial Award from Nancy Jacobs: Katherine Flanigan and Eric Watson

Delegate Award from Kathy Szeliga: April Moscati

Delegate Award from Donna Stifler: Chelsea Nunnally

Delegate Award from Mary-Dulany James: Eric Watson

Maryland Legislative Delegate from Wayne Norman: Sarah Carson and Kelly Stifler

Task Force High School Senior from Chief Leo Matrangola: Carley Bynion

Cody G Richardson Memorial Scholarship Foundation from Libby Richardson: Clark Rich

Sara E. Roye by Hope Webster: Eric Watson

Har-Co Maryland Federal Credit Union, presented by Dick Paaby: Carley Bynion

Bel Air United Methodist Church for Student Service from Selena Watson: Eric Watson

Harford County Farm Fair Bureau from Alice Archer: Elizabeth Daney

The Bel Air Rotary Club from Mary Hastler and Denise Dregier: Hope Kelly

Alfred C. O’Connell from Mike Blizzard on behalf of HCC: Sarah Carson and Erin Huffer

Branner/Shanks from Jessie Shanks: Eric Watson

Jackie Garner-Moeser Memorial from John Moeser: junior Danielle Long

JC Awards:

JC Blue Ribbon: Carley Bynion and Austin Schap

SAC awards: Cole Alban and Karly Horn

SAC leadership: Kayla Bynion as president, Austin Schap as vice-president, and Kirsten Kyburz as secretary and treasurer

SAC unsung hero award: Kayla Bynion and Austin Schap

Four-year perfect attendance: Adam Beard, Andrew Beard, Carley Bynion, Matthew Wagner, and Brynly Wilson

JC Department Awards

Religion medal: Jessica Clingerman

Band medal: Alex Gromacki

Chorus medal: Karly Horn

Orchestra medal: Megan Greig

English medal: Margaret McGuirk

Social studies medal: Madison Meyer

U.S. History medal: juniors Justin Hawkins, Kathy Deaver, and Tim Kutcher

Science medal: Lindsay Kraus

Math medal: Adam Beard and Andrew Beard

Spanish medal: Andrew Beard and Travis Nelson

French medal: Mitchell Russell

German medal: Jessica Clingerman

Russian medal: William Hopkins

Art medal: Catey Minnis and Emily Goheen

TV production medal: Daniel Hentschel

Speech and Debate medal: Megan Greig, Margaret McGuirk, and Casey Reil

Yearbook medal: Kirsten Kyburz and Madison D’Ambrosio-Day

The Patriot medal: Hope Kelly

Theatre medal: Lindsey McCumber and Travis Nelson

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Attanasio named Teacher of the Year

On May 28 at the Senior Awards Assembly, English teacher Nicholas Attanasio was named Teacher of the Year.

“I’m honored,” Attanasio said. “There are lots of teachers just as deserving of the award, so I also feel humble about it.”

According to Attanasio, winning this award has encouraged him to further improve his teaching. “I know that my teaching has lots of flaws, and there are things I could do better,” he said. “I have more incentive to improve.”

Attanasio’s favorite thing about teaching is talking to his students. “I like talking to my students inside and outside of the classroom,” Attanasio said. “I like when my students get excited about something we’re learning.”

“Along with teaching the class well, he also makes things fun. He always has a good sense of humor and he makes things funny,” junior Emily Kern said. Kern had Attanasio’s class when she was a freshman.

While accepting the award at the assembly, Attanasio gave a speech in which he spoke about freshmen and advised students to not be “cool.”

“I do really like the freshmen. They start off with a great attitude, but then realize that it’s not exactly cool,” he said.

“My favorite thing in my speech was when I made fun of Mr. Scholl,” Attanasio also added. “That was comedy gold.”

“I’m extremely grateful,” Attanasio said about winning his award. “I want to thank the students.”

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