Editors win national Quill & Scroll awards


Elizabeth Driver

Members of the Patriot, Pinnacle, and Pacificus pledge during the Quill & Scroll induction ceremony. 14 members were inducted on April 24 from the different publications.

On April 24, 2015, the Quill & Scroll induction ceremony was held, recognizing high school students’ achievements in journalism and publication.

There were 14 new inductees made up of juniors and seniors involved in the Patriot or the Pacificus.

JC alumna Jillian Hughes, class of ’07, currently a White House Associate Producer for CBS News, visited and spoke to the students about her love for publication and how it has an impact on her current profession.

To close the ceremony, it was announced that six members of the Patriot staff were nationally recognized and received awards for either stories or pictures from the Quill and Scroll 2015 International Writing and Photo Contest.

Multimedia editor Erica Kelble won for Week in Pictures.

Online chief Kathy Deaver won for “Senior project encourages students to be brave

Print chief Hanna LeBuhn won for “Fifteen new faces share their first impressions of JC

Multimedia chief Lauren Glase won two awards, one for for “iReview: We ought to find a use for Weotta” and another for “iReview: Trivia Crack addiction spreads through JC.

Opinion editor Will Bolton was selected as the Sweepstakes Winner in the Editorial Column section for “Bolton’s Bias: Team spirit politics cripple nation.
Nicole Arrison is a Video Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.