Administration eases phone restrictions


Grace Mottley

Signs in the hallways jokingly reference the new phone policy. Cell phone usage is now prohibited in the academic wing but allowed in the non-academic areas of the school.

The administration has implemented a new cell phone instilled on March. 2 that will allow students to use their phones in the cafeteria, non-academic wing hallways, and the library.

The rule change was established to encourage students to use their phones in a mature and professional way while preventing cheating or unnecessary distractions during class or elsewhere in the academic wing, according to Vice Principal of Technology and Student Affairs Brian Powell.

Many students seem to agree with the rule change, including sophomore Sarah Decker. “Yeah it was really unnecessary to not allow phones in the cafeteria. I don’t believe many followed it [the rule] in the first place, either,” Decker said.

Junior CJ Beteta agrees with Decker as well. “It’s our free time, to relax at lunch so we should be allowed to use our phones,” Beteta said.

Not only does the rule change have the support of the students, but the teachers and administration support it as well.

Powell believes that the use of technology is a huge part of our generation today. “I observed Dr. Ketchum do a lab on a cow eyeball. He had his students take a photo documentary of the process. That’s a really great and common sense way to use technology that I’d bet over 90% of our students have,” Powell said.

Principal Madelyn Ball has been a strong supporter from the beginning for this rule change, “Everything a person needs to know is right on their phone. I don’t have a problem with the rule change, as long as [phones] aren’t used in class,” Ball said.  

“We are in 2016, and it’s time to acknowledge the generation that our students are growing up in. Now we are placing realistic limits on phones, rather than banning them completely,” registrar Sue Cathell said.

Grant Sharretts is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and