In case you missed it: Week of Oct. 17

The Patriot recaps what has happened over the past week in the community and makes sure nothing passed you by. Have a look, and catch up on the news just in case you missed it.


Photo courtesy Zac Ufnar

Service club moderator Susan Strawbridge and members (left to right) Christina Zhang, Katie Yurechko, Olivia Collins, Emily Smith, Caitlyn Trent, Iriski Hu, Lily Chen, Christina He, Jocelyn Hu, and Yue Yue Xiong stand together with the bags they made for the families at the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore. Students took a field trip there on Wednesday, Oct. 19 after the PSAT to deliver the bags.

Lauren Becker, News Editor

Freshman dinner
On Tuesday, Oct. 18, freshmen and their families attended the Freshman Dinner in the Upper Gym. This annual event occurs in the fall and allows freshmen and their families to get to know one another.

PSAT testing
The PSAT was held on Wednesday, Oct. 19 for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The day began at nine in the morning and ended around noon. Seniors did not have to attend school that day. The PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board, and the scores determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Service trip to Ronald McDonald House
After the PSAT, students in the Romero Service Club took a field trip to the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore. The Ronald McDonald house is a place for families to stay for little or no cost when their child is in the hospital. Each family staying at the Ronald McDonald House has a cubby, and the students filled them with toys and treats so the children had something to open when they came home from the hospital. Students enjoyed the trip and felt good making a difference in the community. “Getting to put a smile on sick children’s faces was truly amazing. The treat bags got them thinking about something other than the hospital. It’s amazing how such a little thing can mean so much to someone,” Romero Service Club Vice President Olivia Collins said.

Speech and Debate meet
The Speech and Debate meet took place on Thursday, Oct. 20 at Havre de Grace High School. A team made up of juniors Evan Tridone, Abby Bryant, James Keller, Taylor Bynion, Laura Amrhein, and Nicole Kanaras placed first in the Reader’s Theatre category. Kanaras was happy with the results of the meet and believes the team did their best. “I think we worked really well as a team together and were really supportive. In the end we just did the best we could, and our best was good enough,” Kanaras said.

JC students received individual awards as well. Amrhein received first place in Children’s Literature. Bynion took first place in Dramatic Interpretation and sophomore Caitlin Kennedy took third place.

Open House
The Open House occurred on Saturday, Oct. 22. The Open House allows prospective families to take an inside look at the school facilities, and to hear from students and teachers. This year had a different tour route, and students working as tour guides had to attend a training session. Many students volunteered at the event, working as tour guides, speakers, and some helped their coaches and teachers get tables representing each team or club ready for the event. According to Director of Enrollment Edward Maynard, 254 guests attended the open house this year, which is the greatest attendance rate in the past six years.

Lauren Becker is a News Editor for The Patriot and