Variety Show surpasses expectations


Zachary Miller

Senior Caroline Barwick mimics the moves to the famous Napoleon Dynamite dance during Variety Show rehearsal on Saturday, Nov. 19. The seniors raised over $8,200 towards their class budget.

The senior class Variety Show raised a total of $8,370 this year. Variety Show is a fundraiser that uses money raised to fund prom. The class raised more money raised than any other Variety Show since it was brought back in 2013.

The Variety Show is a tradition where seniors perform different skits about their teachers, other students or, anything they’ve experienced over the last four years during the school year in addition to musical performances and dances.

Senior class President Zachary Miller was very proud of the class’ accomplishments and the hard work they dedicated to the show. “Many hours went into making the production possible, especially for the show’s committee. Rehearsals ran between three to five hours. All around, it was a big commitment, definitely not something you could do halfway,” Miller said.

There was an additional week of rehearsals this year as well. “I’d say the show was very successful, especially the money that this class made. This year was interesting because compared to the last couple of years, we had an extra week of rehearsals,” Variety Show moderator Mark Ionescu said.

Hundreds of underclassmen came out to show their support, and catch a glimpse of what they could be performing in the coming years. Junior Jordan Wrzesien especially liked the show. “I can’t wait to be in the show next year, the class of 2017 really out-did themselves, and I was genuinely surprised that they were such a funny class. It makes me think that next year can only get better,” Wrzesien said.

With the intention of focusing on giving the audience a few laughs, the show also tries to unite the class before they graduate.“I think [uniting] the class was extremely successful. I heard a lot of people talk about how they met people during the show that they had never met or talked to before,” Ionescu said.

The Variety Show achieved the goal of bringing the seniors together and making money for seniors to enjoy their prom at the end of the year. “With the amount that we raised, Prom tickets are going to be the cheapest we’ve ever seen,” Miller said.

Azanae Barrow is an Entertainment Editor for The Patriot and