Guidance counselor settles into new position


Elizabeth Harmison

On Monday Dec. 12, Jennifer Behler began her first day as JC’s new guidance counselor. Behler replaced former guidance counselor Kathleen Barnes, who retired earlier this year.

On Monday, Dec. 12, Jennifer Behler started her first day on the job as a new guidance counselor and co-advisor with Coordinator of Service Learning Susan Strawbridge. Her arrival comes several months after the retirement of guidance counselor Kathleen Barnes on Sept. 16, who served the JC community for over 20 years.

Behler comes from Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services, a company that provides counseling and mental health services in a variety of schools. However, this is Behler’s first time working with a single school.

According to Director of Counseling Larry Hensley, Behler received the position after “an interview with Human Resources, a committee of people, an interview with me, and the Principal-President [Richard O’Hara].”

“I really hope to get to know the students I work with and build a relationship with them so that I can help them overcome obstacles and celebrate their success,” Behler said.

To achieve her goal, Behler plans to ask a lot of questions, be open to new ideas, and get to know her students so that she can have a trusting relationship.

“I am hoping to get involved in something to get to know students on a social level,” Behler said. “And everyone has been really nice and all the students are great.”

Behler will be introduced to students in freshman seminar, junior college planning, and senior project classes. The plan to switch students from both Hensley and Helfin’s guidance to Behler’s is still in progress.

Elizabeth Harmison is a News Editor for The Patriot and