Cyber days declared unlikely for school year


Lauren Becker

Rather than having four snow days, this year there were seven snow days incorporated into the school calendar. Due to the fact that there were no snow days before Christmas break, the administration believes that there will be no Cyber Days this year.

There will most likely not be any Cyber Days this school year.

According to Vice Principal of Student Affairs and Technology Brian Powell, there are seven snow days built into the schedule this year before Cyber Days will be used, as opposed to four in the previous years. “The seven days are basically blizzard protection,” Powell said.

According to Powell, the administration is usually concerned if there are any delays or closings due to snow before Christmas break, as it could cause the school to use up all its snow days. This is also the reason the administration has made seven snow days available in the schedule.

However, because there were no closings before the Christmas break, the administration felt comfortable with the amount of extra snow days. “The temperatures have been too warm. February and March should be interesting, but I don’t think we’ll have seven [school closings],” Powell said.

The news of the unlikeliness of Cyber Days has been well-received by students. For some, the free time is what they most look forward to. “I finally get to enjoy the snow days and not have to worry about doing any work,” sophomore Erin Scannell said.

For others, they feel they now they don’t have to deal with the frustration of Cyber Days. “I didn’t like the inconsistency between each teacher and class,” senior Alex Marlow said. “Some days I’d be working for 30 minutes on a specific class while other classes I would be doing four to six hours of work.”

Teachers have conflicting opinions about Cyber Day assignments. “I’d rather have a cyber day than a make-up day. I think they are easier than a regular school day for teachers,” English teacher Matthew Blair said.

If all scheduled snow days are not used, there is a possibility that the school year will be reduced. “We might move exams up, and if we only use one or two days, we might have some three day weekends,” Powell said. “But I can’t promise you that.”

The ruling of Cyber Days will not negatively affect seniors because the month of May is set, according to Powell. Senior exams will still take place during the first week of May and graduation will still be May 27, regardless of the amount of snow days.

For now, though, everyone can hope for a little snow, knowing that no work will have to be completed on snow days.

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