New model classroom introduced to students, faculty


Hayes Stancliff

Principal Tom Durkin passes out papers to sophomore Blake Hollandsworth in his English class taught in the new model classroom. The classroom officially opened for use on Monday, Oct. 30. The model classroom features a new projector, multiple writing surfaces, an improved lighting system, and seperatable and mobile desks.

The model classroom, the newly redesigned room on the second floor, officially opened to the public on Oct. 30, the Monday after Open House. The dominating characteristics of the classroom include a new projector, separable and mobile desks, various writable surfaces all throughout the classroom, and an improved lighting system.

The first teacher to have the privilege of using the classroom was Principal Tom Durkin, who teaches a sophomore English class. When compared to other classrooms he has taught in, Principal Tom Durkin said the model classroom was superior “by far.”

For Durkin, the technology in the room is his favorite part. “It makes my life easier, and it’s in a domain in which my students are comfortable … this generation grew up teething on keyboards, so now it’s in an area where they can learn,” Durkin said.

Many teachers look forward to trying the room at one point or another, including Physics teacher Anthony Davidson. “It is a much brighter environment, the tech is more up to date, you can do a lot more with it due to the movable whiteboards and the large amount of whiteboard space in the room, and the fact that you can arrange the desks however you want,” Davidson said.

The model classroom is set to become the template for many more classrooms, as there are future plans to reproduce its success in the Academic Wing. According to Durkin, “Through our Capital Campaign … we want to renovate the entire academic wing all the way up to stairwell ‘A,’ ” Durkin said.

From the student perspective, the model classroom has received mixed reviews. Sophomore Jared Hawkins, who is taught by Durkin, expressed joy over many aspects of the room. “The heating and cooling is a lot better in the model classroom than other classrooms, and the room itself is a lot cleaner,” Hawkins said. Additionally, Hawkins enjoyed the brighter atmosphere. “The brightness really helps you stay awake and alert in class,” he said.

On the other hand, junior Holly Dixon listed several grievances with the classroom. Dixon, who takes AP Language and Composition, has been taught in the model classroom several times. “I think overall the model classroom is more positive than negative, however, there are several kinks I think they need to work out. The air conditioning and heating system can be strange sometimes,” Dixon said.

Hayes Stancliff is a News Editor for The Patriot and