Class of 2023’s ring festivities are around the corner

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Receiving a JC class ring is a momentous part of every Patriot’s journey. This year, the class of 2023 will have their turn in sharing this tradition with generations of JC classes.

On October 28 and November 4, JC juniors had the chance to get fitted for their rings. These fittings provided a sneak peek into the future of wearing the rings, signifying the progression towards graduation.
Junior students had many options for the material of their ring. The options included yellow gold, auralite, white gold, or duralite. Yellow gold and auralite contain gold, while white gold and duralite both are silver in color.
Juniors will receive their rings during the Ring Mass, which will be celebrated on Thursday, March 10. Shortly after receiving their rings, the Ring Dance will be held on Saturday, March 12.
When the juniors receive their rings, the opening on the ring itself will be facing towards them. However, during graduation, they will be able to flip their rings the other way, signifying their new life beyond JC.
The Ring Mass includes an opportunity for students to learn about the history and the meaning behind the ring. This Mass is and educational and spiritual experience for all teachers and students involved. The dance, however, is a special time for the students to celebrate this memorable event and enjoy what they have accomplished.
The junior class officers are currently hard at work planning the two events. They are working closely with Junior Class Moderators Erik Fabriziani and Kelly Smith.
During these unprecedented times, the students and moderators are aware that any plans could change.
“We are cautiously optimistic that this year’s events will be back to normal and are planning as if they will be, but as we have all learned over the last two years things can change quickly,” said Mr. Fabriziani.
Despite the uncertainty of the future, the junior class officers are excited to plan such a meaningful event.
Flora Lau, the junior class Vice President, said, “It feels great to plan the Ring Dance. We are so fortunate to be planning such a special event for juniors.”
As of now, the ceremony will be held at St. Ignatius Church and the dance at Water’s Edge Event Center. These plans could change due to COVID-19 metrics.
Many students from the Class of 2023 have already expressed their excitement for these events.
Junior Tori Novak said, “I am so excited! I already have my dress.”
Junior Andrew Brown transferred to JC at the beginning of the school year. Andrew knows how important it can be to receive the school ring.
He believes that it is a “big accomplishment” to earn a JC class ring.
Other juniors are looking at the bigger picture as the ceremony and dance creep closer.
Junior Laura Hughes said, “I can’t wait to get my ring. It’s an important step towards graduation.”