Gotzmann founds new club for those interested in healthcare

Maddie Root

Freshman Natalie Gotzmann recently founded a Future Health Care Workers club at JC. This club is geared toward anyone who is interested in becoming a healthcare worker or who is interested in learning about the lives of healthcare workers.

Natalie started the club because she wants to explore the world of health care. She said, “I am interested in pursuing health care when I get older. I believe that other students want to join the field of medicine, so I thought that it would be a great idea to create a club that brings in people who represent all fields in health care.”
Natalie’s dream to become a doctor is because of her mom, Dr. Gotzmann. Dr. Gotzmann is an OBGYN. Natalie described her mom as a “hard-working doctor who has never stopped setting goals for herself.”
Natalie wants to become a pediatric surgeon; however, she knows this will require a lot of patience and dedication. Natalie admires her mother’s work ethic and strives to follow in her footsteps.
Natalie said, “I want to work hard like [my mom] and make my dreams come true.”
During the club’s meetings, healthcare workers are invited to talk about their profession. Natalie said, “A different healthcare worker will come in and speak to the students. They will present a slideshow or talk about a day in their life of being a healthcare worker and what comes along with it.”
After the guest speaker is finished, students have the chance to take home special prizes. “Students can win prizes at the end of their talk based on answering questions that the healthcare worker asks them,” Natalie said.
The club aims to help curious students discover their passions.
Natalie said, “The best part of this club is meeting all these healthcare workers who come in and just listening to what their careers are like. These little talks will inspire so many students and may even point them in their career direction.”
The first meeting was on January 13, and the club is off to a great start. Natalie said, “This meeting was just a quick little introduction meeting on what to expect from the club and who will be coming to speak. Around 20 students came to hear about the club and more students are asking when the next club will be.”
Natalie plans to continue running the club throughout her four years at JC. Her biggest goal for the club is to “educate JC students about opportunities in health care and expose them to jobs they may want to pursue in the future.”
The Future Health Care Workers club will meet every month in Room 222.