Bynion’s Opinion: The unsung heroes of JC


There is a problem with my first semester schedule. I’m stressed because of my workload. I’m not doing well in math. I really just need someone to talk to. Where is the one place students can go for help in each of these areas and more? The guidance wing, where students can visit our school counselors – Carol Heflin, Larry Hensley, and Jennifer Behler.  

High school can pose many challenges and struggles, which are nearly impossible to navigate without help. With each new obstacle, it is always nice to have someone you know you can count on, and at JC, it is the guidance counselors.

While I’m sure each of the school counselors is equally helpful and supportive for students, my personal counselor is Mrs. Heflin. She is always around to give advice and to help students with whatever they need. I’ve seen her tutor students in math, help with scheduling conflicts, provide a safe place for students to talk, and even just provide a place to come and relax during off-mods. Mrs. Heflin always stops what she is doing to help students, and treats them with the utmost care as if they were her own children.

Personally, I have gone to Mrs. Heflin many times, especially in regards to my schedule and when I have felt overwhelmed with school. She always manages to help put everything in perspective and gives great advice as to how to juggle everything.

Although I’m closest to Mrs. Heflin, I know that all of the counselors are equally as helpful in any area needed. I truly do believe that the counselors of JC are unsung heroes.

Also, if it is your future that is causing stress or concern, the school’s college counselors, Kelly Smith and Carrie Siemsen, are always around to help. They can give advice on college, how to navigate SATs and ACTs, and help reduce stress when it comes to future plans.

So students, don’t be afraid to go to your counselors and ask for help. There is no judgement or negative repercussions associated with visiting the guidance wing. The counselors are there to help you, and their true motivation is supporting students. If you aren’t sure where to turn, find your counselor and they will help guide you in the right direction.

Overall, students should not be hesitant to reach out to any of the counselors for any kind of assistance. Regardless of if the issues are academic, social, personal, or regarding the future, students always have a built in resource at school offering assistance.

Taylor Bynion is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and