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Report Cards: Remembrance Day inspires community, dysfunctional clocks tick off students, and cafeteria food provides variety

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March 24, 2017

Remberance Day inspires community

One of the biggest violations of human rights in the history of mankind was the Holocaust, and the fact that we have the chance to meet with survivors of this terrible time in history and hear their stories is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is beneficial for students to hear these stories and also gives our respect to people who suffered unimaginably when they were our age or even younger. By listening to the stories of hardships and having conversations with these survivors, we can work to become more tolerant and also do our part in making sure that nothing this horrible happens ever again. These amazing stories of bravery and perseverance just go to show how lucky we all are.

Dysfunctional clocks tick off students

Nothing is worse than when I look up at the clock during class and realize that it’s either showing a completely inaccurate time or the hands are moving entirely too fast. Not only are the clocks in the classrooms broken, but the clocks in the hallway each have a different time displayed on them as well. Not to mention if a student so much as slips their phone out of their pocket to check the time they get scolded by their teacher. How are students expected to get to class on time when they can’t even see the time? In general, this is an easy problem to fix and would make life so much more convenient for students and teachers alike if the clocks would actually work.

Cafeteria food provides variety

Everyone likes to have variety in their food and having options when choosing food in the cafeteria. Lately, the cafeteria has been making a great effort to provide different food options. New choices include special pizza options, seafood, sandwiches, and the salad bar. Now that it is the season of Lent, the cafeteria has also been making sure that there are a lot of non-meat options for students who are partaking in the Lenten practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays. Students are also being emailed the upcoming food schedule for the week, which is beneficial for students to plan out meals, or just be able to look at the different options that will be available for the following week.

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