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Report Cards: Bathrooms need thorough renovation, LobbyGuard fails to prevent long lines, and one day Senior Retreat proves successful

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April 12, 2017

Bathrooms need thorough renovation

Dark, dingy, smelly, and gross. Those are the words I would use to describe the bathrooms in the academic wing. While they do serve their purpose, they are still in need of a serious renovation. The Patriot wrote an article on Jan. 23, 2015, noting that many of the sinks did not work, and the same broken sinks have still not been fixed two years later. In the women’s bathroom on the third floor, there is a stall that has been out of order for the majority of this year. As for the men’s bathroom, the stalls are covered with writing and wet paper towels are continuously thrown at and stuck on the walls. All of the bathrooms look like they have not been redone since the 1980s. Overall, the bathrooms need a complete renovation.

LobbyGuard fails to prevent long lines

On Tuesday March 28, the new LobbyGuard attendance machines were implemented to handle early dismissals and late sign-ins. The system was supposed to alleviate long sign-in lines from late arrivals, but it seems as if nothing has changed. The first day it was introduced to students, the machine broke down, and many students were still late to class. Several days following, the same problems continued. The whole point of the machine was to speed up the process, and it couldn’t even do its job, proving ineffective. If the system works properly, it may have a chance to live up to its purpose. It takes only four steps and seems like a relatively easy process. If it works in the future, it has potential to be useful.


One day Senior Retreat proves successful

The Senior Retreat was an one-day experience at the Sandy Cove Retreat Center in North East, Md. Even though it was only one day compared to every other year being an overnight retreat, it was still an effective experience and exceeded expectations based on the circumstances. Throughout the retreat, many faculty and staff members gave engaging and interesting talks that students enjoyed. Then, after these talks, students broke into small groups to discuss provided questions about the talks, which proved impactful. However, there were not a lot of bonding opportunities for students, except for the small groups. Overall, a lot was packed into one day, which was a great way to make the most out of a 12-hour retreat.

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