Report Cards: LobbyGuard reduces lines through use of new student IDs, Seniors granted early dismissal quickly, and Clocks need to operate consistently and accurately

The Patriot turns the tables by grading the school on today’s issues


Adriana Guidi

The LobbyGuard system that allows students to sign in with a swipe of their student ID. The new swipe feature has been instrumental in allowing students to sign in faster.

Seniors granted early dismissal quickly

After two weeks of school, seniors were able to take advantage of one of the main senior privileges: early dismissal during off mods. With nothing more than a parent’s signature and a one-day waiting period for the information to be entered into the LobbyGuard system, seniors can leave school as early as 12:45 p.m. if they have two off-mods at the end of the day.

LobbyGuard reduces lines through use of new student IDs

This year, card scanners were implemented for LobbyGuard to make signing into school quicker. While students must still wait for their “ticket” to be printed, having a registered card drastically cuts down on the time needed to log in. When tardy students are trying to get to class, every second counts. The LobbyGuard upgrades have decreased the time required to sign in and have cut down on lines.


Clocks need to operate consistently and accurately

Clocks are meant to be useful and helpful, not to confuse students. Very few clocks display the right time in the school and some clocks display the time in military format. These discrepancies make it difficult to know the time when walking through the halls. Students need to know the right time, so they can judge how much time they have until class begins. Almost every student knows the clocks can’t be relied on, and that is a major problem.