The fall season has taken on a new meaning

The Root of it All


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

The John Carroll School has been reborn. With online schooling not an option this year, JC has opened its doors to all of its students.

Last year, we were not able to have the start to school that we all wanted. Instead, we began our year with virtual learning. Fortunately, this year, things have changed. We are in school full-time now. Classes, sports, and clubs are in full swing.
This school year has an entire new feeling to it. It feels as if I am almost a freshman again, nervously wandering the halls and trying to find my classes while smiling and waving to everyone I know.
This feeling of newness does not come as a surprise to the junior and senior classes. While the seniors had one normal year of high school, the juniors have not had any. If everything goes well, I will finally be able to say that I completed my first full year of normal high school.
The fall season has brought back many memories. The breezy weather reminds me of the football games I attended freshman year, and the anticipation of Homecoming calls me to remember my first Homecoming dance. I hope this season reminds other upperclassmen of the memories they made years ago at JC.
Although students spend all day in the classroom, JC truly comes alive after the 2:45 bell has rung. Students can be seen all around campus participating in extracurricular activities and sports. The cool breeze and colorful leaves create an environment that is very special to fall sport athletes.
Before soccer practice every day, I walk out of the locker room and feel so much excitement. It is refreshing to see the JC campus so lively. I can hear teammates laughing with one another and coaches talking intently to their teams. Everyone is relaxed but ready to play.
Along with fall sports, students have been deprived of basic high school experiences and are excited to get them back. We all have a lot to look forward to this year: watching sports games, Homecoming, Christmas door decorating, grade level retreats, and more.
The chaos of coming back to school creates a comfortable and familiar feeling around campus. The JC community seems happier than in past years. It may be because students and teachers have developed a new appreciation for the simple act of going to school. They are fully aware of the devastating possibility of returning to virtual school and special events being taken away.
I advise everyone to appreciate this moment. Fall is the beginning of every Patriot’s journey. I hope the freshmen and sophomores can cherish the memories that they make during these times, and I hope the juniors and seniors are able to remember the memories they have already made while making new ones.