The high school clock stops for no one

Maddie Root, Editor-in-Chief

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

Although time is just a social construct, it is something that consumes our daily lives.

It is inescapable.



Time surrounds us. There are countless digital clocks in the hallways and analog clocks in classrooms.

When we look at our phones, the first thing we see is the time.

Teachers and parents constantly warn us about how we spend our time.

Parents question us. “Are you sure you have time for that?”

Teachers say, “Make sure you set aside extra time for this assignment.”

High school is the most time-consuming four years of our lives. First, we wake up, go to school, head to our sports, clubs, and other activities, and then settle down for a few hours of homework. This schedule is stressful, but it forces us to be productive.

Soon, all seniors will be off to college and other adventures. I know some seniors might be wishing that high school was just another memory. At times, I do. Sometimes, when my homework load has piled up too high, I wish that I could just fast-forward to walking the stage at graduation.

However, speeding up time is not possible. After we daydream about the future, our only option is to return to the present and hope that time passes by faster.

Freshman feel like time is going too slowly. They see upperclassmen in the halls and wonder “How did they survive those years of being an underclassman?” Being an upperclassman seems so far away.

Sophomores feel like they are so distant from the finish line. However, the truth is, they are almost half-way through high school.

Juniors want time to speed up. They are about to receive one of the most important emblems of being a Patriot: their JC rings. In just six months, they will be sitting in their classes, admiring their iconic black and gold rings.

Seniors feel like they are running out of time. This has been a constant theme throughout our time in high school. Personally, I find myself in periods of cloudiness where I forget how much time has passed by without my acknowledging where the time has gone. I wish I would have taken a few seconds out of my day just to be present.

Seniors, let’s put in the work now and relax later. I know it’s difficult, but time isn’t stopping for us. We have so much on our plates. College applications, tests, quizzes, and homework assignments are not going to slow down; in fact, they are just ramping up now.

Even though we need to power through our school work during these last few months, we also need to find time to appreciate the present, not ignore it or wish it away.

While time seems uncontrollable, we can do brief exercises to make time feel slower. My advice to all the seniors: take a moment. Be present. It only takes five seconds. I know, months from now, we will be wishing that we had more time at JC. A few more classes with our best friends. A few more cornhole games in the courtyard. A few more practices with our sports teams.

With these exercises, we can make time seem manageable.



No one — not freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors can slow down or fast forward time. When we graduate, JC will forever be a recollection of the past. It is inevitable that we will all move on to our next great adventures. Take in the moment you are in right now.

Look around.

How will you conquer time?