Seniors defeat juniors 14-6 in closely contested Powder Puff game

Junior Emory Gaeng runs with the ball in the Powder Puff game. The juniors scored the first touchdown of the game.

Juniors and seniors run over their plays and mentally prepare for the annual Powder Puff game. Both groups huddle on their side of the field to organize the start of the game. The two teams of green and blue face each other as they prepare to fight for their class’s victory. Senior Emily Stasuk and junior Morgan Taylor both believe that they will win, but only one can succeed.

Senior emerged victorious from the Oct. 17 Powderpuff game with a score of 14-6. Since the match was during the school day, students from all grades were in attendance to cheer the two teams on.

“[We] have a lot of athletic people,” Taylor said, as one of the reasons why juniors had a shot at winning. According to her, the offensive players looked especially prepared for the game.

On the other hand, Stasuk was confident of the juniors’ downfall. “The [senior] team looks solid. We look very well put together.” Stasuk even memorized the plays to “mentally prepare.” Her efforts were not in vain.

In the first half, it seemed as if Taylor’s prediction would come true as junior Jen Linsenmeyer scored the first touchdown for the blue-shirted juniors. However, the juniors were quickly outstripped by the green team, the seniors, who scored two touchdowns, both by senior Alyssa Lazaro later in the first half. This brought the score to 12-6 with the seniors in the lead.

The second half proved less eventful. There were no touchdowns, but the seniors scored two safeties. Thus, another Powderpuff game ended, with another senior victory.

Taylor, having a problem with the officiating of the game, believed it was not fairly executed and was unhappy about the outcome, but had fun nonetheless. When the junior team was defeated, Stasuk, along with the rest of the seniors, shouted for joy. “I didn’t play as much as I wanted to, but [I’m] glad we won and had fun.”

Elizabeth Driver is a Sports Editor for the The Patriot and