Badminton Club serves new opportunities to students


Lauren Glase, News Editor

Badminton Club swings into its second year at JC, moderated by English teacher Eric Sutton.

The badminton team involves practice and matches against other schools for the girls who choose to join it. Badminton Club, on the other hand, is open to both males and females. The club presents badminton in a noncompetitive light, as the members play against each other, rather than rivaling schools.

“It’s pretty informal,” Sutton said. The club is available “for anyone who wants to play after school” and is “not that competitive.”

The club meets on Mondays and Wednesdays after school for about an hour, playing against each other just for fun, according to Sutton. “It’s fun to play and maybe you don’t have time [to be on the team].”

The club has about 12-15 players who regularly show up, although students are welcome to come try out the sport as they please. According to Sutton, the majority of the regular players are male.

“It’s been a wonderful surprise to see so many guys,” Sutton said, as they tend to “usually play a macho sport.”

Senior Mitchell Russell is one of the regulars in Badminton Club. Russell decided to try it out “because it was something new and different.” Russell became last year’s Badminton Club Captain.

Russell has continued to attend Badminton Club, as “it’s not time consuming” and it is “a very relaxing sport.”

Lauren Glase is a News Editor for The Patriot and