Swing and Swish: Let the “madness” begin

Sports Editor Mike Moxley discusses current events and issues in basketball and golf. Reading this column will keep you caught up with your favorite teams and players.


64 teams are set.

In a little over three weeks, on April 4 in Houston, TX, the championship game will be played and the champion will be crowned. 62 games will be played prior to that, and there will be favorites will fall.

“March Madness,” more officially known as the NCAA Tournament, is one of the biggest tournaments of the year. People who aren’t even avid basketball fans tune in to see games like the 2012 number two seeded Duke get upset versus number 15 seeded Lehigh. Upsets are what the tournament is all about.

In 2013, number 15 Florida Gulf Coast upset number two Georgetown. This began their “cinderella” run. They became the first team to win two games as a 15 seed. However, they would eventually run out of magic and lose to Florida in the Sweet Sixteen.

Millions of people fill out a bracket for the tournament in hopes of having a perfect bracket. A Duke professor did the math for the odds to have a perfect bracket. They were 1 in 2.4 trillion.  

Teams like Florida Gulf Coast and Lehigh are “bracketbusters.” They ruin a person’s bracket in a matter of minutes.

For the true basketball junkie, it is overwhelming to watch every single game. One game starts and the other is still wrapping up. Some people have four tabs open at once just so they don’t miss a single moment of action.

Legends have been made in this tournament, such as Stephen Curry, Christian Laettner, and Bill Walton, to name a few.

The NCAA Tournament has featured a plethora of great moments, and this year will be no different.

This year is arguably the toughest and most competitive in the last 10 years. There are 12 legitimate teams who have the capability of putting four games together to win it all. That doesn’t include surprise teams who could have that “cinderella” run and ride that momentum to the top.

Teams like Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Villanova, and Xavier have all had great wins this season. They have also all had some very poor losses. Inconsistency has been a huge theme this season, and the tournament looks to foreshadow much of the same.

Tune in to TBS, TruTV, TNT, and CBS to catch all the games of this year’s NCAA Tournament, starting March 17.

Mike Moxley is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.