Old storage room provides new film room for teams


Christina Giovanazi

Chairs and a projector are set up in the new film room, which was converted from a storage room. Several athletic teams have used the new film room to watch highlights from previous games.

What was once an old storage room full of football equipment and outdated uniforms has now become something each sport team at JC can take advantage of. It now serves as a film room, but will continue to transform into a multi-purpose athletic room.

According to Athletic Director Steve Teter, construction on the new film room began over the summer. “I saw the room as a prime spot and thought, ‘what could we do with this?’” Teter said. The room used be a large storage space for old equipment and uniforms, but Teter decided that a change was needed. By moving all of the old equipment into a converted storage space in the men’s locker room, teams can now have a designated quiet area to themselves.

The new room was introduced to teams this month, already being utilized by the men’s and women’s varsity basketball teams. “Right now it’s like an alternative to the Brown Room. Teams can have meetings and watch game film in there,” Teter said.

The film room has earned the approval of student athletes. According to junior varsity guard Antony Saccenti, the new room is a step up from watching film in a classroom, where the team watched game film last year. “It’s more of a serious room, a room for not just basketball players, but all athletes,” Saccenti said. “I can focus better in there.”

Similarly, the women’s basketball team has enjoyed the ambiance of the new film room. The team is used to watching film last year in the library, Brown Room, and sometimes even the gym. “We’ve enjoyed the film room because of the big projector, and now we can see a clearer image rather than watching a small image on a computer screen,” varsity basketball player Cassidy Kupchinskas said.

No specific plan has been set for the room as of yet as Teter can see it going in different directions. One proposed idea was turning it into another team locker room or putting a large four-square locker in the room so that referees can stay in there before games instead of in the Athletic Office. “We want this to be a room that teams and coaches use, an athletic hang-out room of sorts.”

“It’s a place that athletes can go and don’t have to share space with the library or compete for space anywhere else in the school,” Kupchinskas said.

Regardless of what the new film room transforms into, the construction is far from over. There are still plans to paint the new room and put some lights in, all to make the room more attractive to both athletes and prospective students. “This is just step one of what I want to create here,” Teter said.

Daniel Robinson is the General Staff Member for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.