New Brown fitness center boosts team building

Athletic teams use weight room to prepare for their seasons

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

The new fitness room, a recent addition to JC, is available for all sports teams and individual athletes to use in preparation for their seasons.

The Brown Fitness Center provides a safe place for teams to work out and a place for teammates to bond. JC’s Fitness & Performance Coordinator Sean Doyle knows how important it is for teams to work out together.
Mr. Doyle said, “I am able to take the athletes’ goals, needs, and abilities and program-specific training sessions and blocks to improve their weaknesses, amplify their strengths, and reduce the likelihood of injury for their upcoming season regardless of the sport.”
So far this year, many teams have taken advantage of the fitness room. Mr. Doyle said, “We have already had a number of teams begin to lift in the weight room including football, baseball, girls lacrosse, and softball.”
Regarding working out in the fitness room with her lacrosse team, Sophomore Sojo Hollin said, “It feels like team bonding because what we do in the weight room is hard, and it’s as if we are all doing it together and taking on the hard challenge as a team, and then we are growing together.”
Teams can use the weight room by having coaches contact Mr. Doyle. Coaches can then “schedule time after school or before school to come in and lift.”
Some athletes come into the weight room with their own workout programs from coaches or teams. Mr. Doyle said, “I help facilitate running/coaching them through that program they have and doing my best to optimize their movement and exercise to best fit that athlete.”
However, Mr. Doyle also writes workout programs for different teams at JC through an app called TeamBuildr. Through this app, Mr. Doyle can “track progress, [and] implement individual training strategies to help not only to whole team improve but improve each individual in the process.”
Mr. Doyle believes there are several benefits to working out in the weight room for all athletes and teams. He said, “This weight room helps not only in physical performance improvements, but it helps build confidence, boosts energy, and teaches athletes how to grow and develop through some hardship and work ethic. Getting strong in the gym doesn’t come easy, and it takes a lot of effort to do it the right way. I want our athletes to learn this and invest this time in themselves to see just how strong they can really become, physically, mentally, and emotionally.”
In order to create a positive environment for teams to workout, Mr. Doyle feels that “you need a certain level of care and compassion for them as a team and as individuals.”
“Each student athlete brings their own set of strengths, and it’s my job to help foster and utilize those strengths to benefit the group. Knowledge of the sets, reps, exercises, volume, loading protocols are all well and good, but it’s reaching teams and athletes on a personal level and letting them know that you have their back through it all by giving all my effort, energy, and enthusiasm for them. Both as a collective group and as individuals of a whole team,” Mr. Doyle said.