I Accuse: Media lynches Lynch

In “I Accuse,” inspired by the famous open letter by Emile Zola bearing the same name, Opinion Editor Justin Hawkins seeks to challenge established ideas, whether political in nature or related to JC. No one can hide from the truth.


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a Super Bowl Champion. His ability to break tackles and explode for long runs makes him one of the most entertaining NFL players to watch. He has already brought lots of money to the NFL, but of course the NFL can never have enough money.

Lynch prefers not to talk to the media. He just plain doesn’t like it. That is pretty understandable. He doesn’t enjoy having a bunch of strangers shove microphones and cameras down his throat.

It is an NFL rule that players have to talk to the media for a certain amount of time. Lynch has refused. As a result the NFL fined him $100,000, a ridiculous amount of money.

The NFL is a mess of hypocrisy and an organization that I have lost all respect for as a whole.

The NFL is ridiculous hypocritical, enforcing a strict fine on this guy whose only crime is not talking to some journalist while suspending domestic abuser Ray Rice for a mere two games for beating the daylights out of his girlfriend in an elevator. Of course the NFL didn’t see the video, so they say, but the only reason they expanded the suspension was because everyone realized what a terrible act of violence it was and that it merited much more than a two game suspension. Of course by doing this they broke the law by punishing him for the same thing twice and Ray Rice can come back into the league and can possibly get back pay, meaning he can get money for doing nothing for the last season.

There is also the case of Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who was actually convicted of two counts of domestic violence. Did the NFL come down hard on him? No. The Panthers themselves removed him from their active roster, so he couldn’t play in games or go to practice. He was forced to do nothing the whole year, yet he made over $770,000 a week. A criminal who is doing absolutely nothing is getting paid about 17.5 times what an average American makes in a year.

To recap, a guy who doesn’t talk to the media gets fined $100,000 while a convicted domestic abuser still gets paid seven times that per week. This is the American Dream at its finest.

The NFL is full of double standards and gross hypocrisy. They care nothing about domestic violence or doing anything else unless it affects their bottom line. Why can’t the media just leave this poor guy alone? Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has a big enough mouth for the both of them. He will give plenty of quotes and stories. The media doesn’t have some inalienable right to talk to Lynch just because he is good at playing football. Leave him in peace.

All the NFL cares about is lining its pockets. In my next column I will be exploring the NFL’s status as a tax exempt charity. Exposing a ridiculous loophole this country tax code.

Justin Hawkins is an Opinion Editor for the Patriot and jcpatriot.com.