Sports Updates: Male swimmers take their mark, Later practices benefit athletes, Football plays three games at home


Male swimmers take their mark

A new year, a new set of fresh fins.

Men’s swimming coach Larry Dukes is excited about this upcoming season. “We seem to have a lot more interest than we’ve ever had in the past,” Dukes said. Last year, there were seven boys on the team, but this year Dukes hopes to have eight or nine.

“This year is all about building technique and really finding out our strengths as a team. It’s important for new swimmers to learn the fundamentals and see where they can go from there,” Dukes said.

Dukes’ goal for this year is to grow as a team. He wants to see more team leadership and hopes “to have a great season filled with fun, as well as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

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Later practices benefit athletes

Sports practices this year cannot start until 3:30 p.m. This change allows students to participate in clubs, start homework, socialize with friends, eat and hydrate for practice, and talk to their teachers, according to Athletic Director Larry Dukes.

Previously, practices could start as early as coaches wanted. According to Dukes, most coaches now start practice at 3:45 p.m., so athletes change at 3:30 p.m.

The change seems to have been beneficial for athletes.

“The ineligibility [numbers] for the first quarter have been the lowest they’ve been in a long, long time. They are half of what they were last year,” Dukes said.

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Football plays three games at home

Varsity football played only three Friday night home games under the lights: Oct. 4, Oct. 18, and Nov. 1.

“[Because of scheduling] we buy [the lights], so they will be the least expensive,” Athletic Director Larry Dukes said. Since most home games come at the end of the season, JC only bought the lights for the last three games.

“When you think of high school football, you think of being under the lights,” junior linebacker Nolan Clawson said. He said that he is more motivated to play when under the lights.

However, not all football players agree. “It really doesn’t matter to me. I just love football,” senior running back Paul Lorick said.

Next year’s schedule will determine which games have lights. “We may have more next year, we may have less,” Dukes said.

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