Sports Update: Turf fields near completion


Kathy Deaver

As of Jan. 29, the fields are waiting to have turf laid on them as soon as weather permits. Construction, which has been underway since Oct. 20, is projected to wrap up around the end of February.

According to President Richard O’Hara, the turf fields will be completed in about a month, just before the start of spring sports.

“It’s going to be very tight, as far as the start of lacrosse season,” O’Hara said.

“Of course, we’d like to have the fields done,” lacrosse coach and assistant Athletic Director Brian King said. “If they’re not, we move on and make the most of the day.”

The fields have been under construction since Oct. 20 but have encountered numerous weather delays.

According to Head of Facilities Stewart Walker, the only thing left to install on the fields is the actual turf carpeting, which arrived Jan. 23.

“It takes about eight to 10 working days to assemble one field,” Walker said. Installation will start when the snow melts, and workers will start at the end closest to the tennis court and work their way north.

There will also be a fence surrounding the fields to keep unauthorized vehicles and spectators off the field and to “post signage relevant to field usage and safety,” Walker said. There will be space for sponsor signs and banners, giving the campus a more finished look. Scoreboards and lights are also a separate project that is planned to happen this year.

“I’m excited to have two turf fields in the middle of Bel Air,” King said. He is hoping the field will attract new athletes to JC.

Kathy Deaver is the Online Chief for The Patriot and