Franklin electrifies student body


Erica Kelble

David Fisher, impersonating Ben Franklin, speaks at an event hosted by the History Club. This event, at which 203 students were present, took place Nov. 14.

“It was a historical event,” social studies teacher and History Club moderator Jake Hollin said.

The History Club hosted an event on Nov. 14 during which Dr. Benjamin Franklin spoke to 103 students.

“I come today to speak of my public work in establishing our country,” Franklin, reenacted by professional impersonator David Fisher, said. He spoke about many events that are part of the curriculum for JC history courses, ranging from the Boston Massacre to the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the Revolutionary War.

Not all of the 30 minute talk given by Franklin was about major historical events, though. He shared stories of personal events in his life and affairs. For instance, Franklin shared a story about a dinner party that he attended in France. He did not fully understand the language, and found himself clapping when the woman next to him was. “Just imagine my embarrassment when I found out that I had been applauding praises of myself all evening,” he said.

Franklin also spoke of his personal relationship with our school’s namesake. “It was important to stress [Franklin’s] relationship with John Carroll and the patriots of the time,” Hollin said. According to Hollin, it is important to show “how the connection can be made between our school and the founding fathers.”

“I am super excited and honored to have had this guest,” junior Justin Hawkins, president of the History Club, said. “I’m really pleased with all of the people who showed up.”

The next event hosted by the History Club is a psychoanalysis by Psychology teacher Dr. Paul Lazor of Alexander Hamilton on December 3. According to Hawkins, “I’m really excited to see what happens when we put Alexander Hamilton on the theoretical couch.”

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