Graduation succumbs to the heat


The plan for graduation this year is to have the baccalaureate Mass and the graduation ceremony outside but the ceremony will be earlier in the morning.

The past tradition consisted of having Mass earlier in the morning in the gym and then had the baccalaureate ceremony after a “social hour,” which was used for pictures, saying goodbye before the students graduated, and light refreshments.

Because of the addition of the new turf fields, the administration has decided it would be better this newer way so that the heat will not be as severe for graduation.

Current and previous students have mixed reactions about changing the organization of graduation, which depends on their individual function as part of graduation.

“I really don’t like the change because now, since I’m part of the band, I have to roast out in the sun the whole time,” junior David Dotterweich said.

Senior Brady Fritz is also opposed to the change, but for a sentimental reason. “I don’t like the change because both of my brothers [Jordan ‘07 and Tyler ‘10] and my mom (Judy ‘82) all went through JC and I was looking forward to following that tradition and graduating the same way they did.”

Allison Walczyk, class of ‘11 and sister of senior Scott Walczyk, feels differently about the change.

“I don’t see a problem with it, I think it will make things more convenient for the families and the graduates,” Walczyk said. “I don’t see it as a break in tradition, but [as] an update to the graduation.”

Vice Principal of Student Affairs and Technology Brian Powell believes that the push for change came from the administration, not from students and families.

According to the letter Principal Madelyn Ball sent out to the families of senior students, over 50% of the senior class was against the change

“Having a single event is what a lot of schools do. We were unique in the sense of having a separate Mass and baccalaureate,” Powell said. “It’s a little bit shorter, better to not be outside as long because of the grandparents and the heat.”

“[It’s the] best of both worlds,” Powell said. “[It’s a] shorter event, [and students will] still have time to say goodbyes and congratulations at the end.”

Eric Johnson is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and