Social media presence expands


In the past couple months, JC has taken a more active role in the social media realm, encompassing Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as constant updates to its website.

According to the new Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications Jake Daniel there has been a surge in followers, “but followers, i.e. likes, aren’t really the be all, end all of social media. That’s kind of like measuring web effectiveness by the number of hits […] Engagement is what matters, and that’s way up.”

What Daniel means by engagement is the commenting, sharing, or liking of a particular post. Though no data on this was made available, according to Daniel this metric has definitely increased.

“I’ve noticed a change in the activity of the account. It’s a lot more active, and the captions and angles are interesting,” senior Brendon Huffman said.

This new presence has been an attempt to make the school more well-known in the community.

“The JC brand isn’t carved in stone,” Daniel said. “It changes every time someone sees a musical on our campus, or talks with one of our teachers, or goes looking for some important event info on our website […] We are the brand, and the best way to showcase that brand is to show the world what we do. Engagement comes from understanding your audience and not trying to sell them something all the time. You know…being social.”

Claire Grunewald is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and