Report Card: Chorus makes a joyful noise at 50th Anniversary Mass, New JC website wows, Patriots express little patriotism


Chorus makes a joyful noise at 50th Anniversary mass

JC’s school chorus, under the new direction of Fine Arts teacher Julie Parrish, brought a beautiful new sound to Mass on Sept. 9.

The chorus’s performance was more than impressive, especially because of the highlighted vocal talents of seniors Lindsey McCumber and Karly Horn and junior Erin Sullivan in their rendition of “This Little Light of Mine/Light of the World.”

The only way that this performance could have been improved would have been by the rest of the student body not in chorus also participating in the musical celebration.

New JC website wows

Expecting to navigate my way to my email through the confusing labyrinth of links, I was pleasantly surprised upon logging into the newly designed school website on Sept. 8.

The new website features improved graphics and more easily accessible webpages, amongst other aesthetic and technical improvements such as the updated picture banner and the pseudo-advertisements for news and events.

In fact, I probably would have taken less time to write this article had I not gotten so distracted by the beautiful new website.

Patriots express little patriotism

There is a depressing lack of school spirit at JC. Between the band, the cheerleaders, and the color guard, it seems that there is an equal number of people that are required to be at football games as students that wanted to show up.

Fortunately, there is hope. Junior class President Samantha Wieczynski and junior class Vice-President Amanda Brannan are leading a charge to bring a wave of spirit by encouraging spirit and making announcements about upcoming sport events.

Kaley Martin and Justin Hawkins are Opinion Editors for The Patriot and